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my board hit a curb and the front almost blew up. does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? i was thinking of cutting and re shaping the front. but i would rather find a way to not shorten the length. help someone please!!!
It looks like its fine, is it delaminating? Cause if it is, put some wood glue in the cracks and clamp it down. It really doesn't matter how it looks, I wouldn't even consider cutting it. Boards are meant to get beat up, if you're worried about how they look all the time you're not doing it right haha.
Clamping it might return the shape somewhat, then sand it and apply a fiberglass epoxy over the split plies, resand smooth and finally seal with wood finish (let sit for 6hrs and reapply one or two more coats)
do what everyone says apply some kinda of glue make sure it's clean first an if it is open stick the blue nose in an far as it can go an clamp it down after sand it a little an you should be good
not worried about looks. worried about hitting a curb again and the whole front exploding completely
use wood glue and clamp it
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