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Minecraft is an awesome game in part because you can do just about anything with it. Anything including creating crazy cool things like a 1:1 scale model of the Starship Enterprise or Minas Tirith. Here are ten awesome builds that I would definitely never be able to do but they’re cool to look at! + Working Minecraft Computer + Yes, I have no idea how it works but it’s true someone made a working computer (that can play computer games) inside Minecraft. Which is a computer game. It’s a computer in a computer. It’s also one of the most impressive builds ever so there’s that too XD + King’s Landing + The biggest city on Game of Thrones or you know in Westeros from Martin’s books. It took an entire team to recreate the massive city but they did it perfectly right down to the docks. + Minas Tirith + The great white shining city of Middle Earth, recreated in perfect detail. There is a texture pack used for the video, but in vanilla it would still look awesome. + Planet Earth + As in the ENTIRE planet. The world. All of it as a Minecraft build done in 1:1500 scale. There’s not much else to say, just watch the video and be amazed. + Starship Enterprise + The FULL Starship Enterprise from Star Trek both inside and out! The ship is so big the entire thing won’t render fully on most computer and the inside is fully decorated. + Minecraft Interstate + It sounds kinda boring right, a HUGE mine cart track that just goes in a straight line forever but the entire track and surrounding landscape including bridges, tunnels was constructed entirely in game. The track itself takes a HALF an hour to ride which equals about eight miles in the game. + Denmark + Yup. The entire country of Denmark, reconstructed BY Denmark citizens. Naturally it has been downloaded and destroyed by a group of Americans BUT you can still take a look at the map yourself. + Playable Guitar + A gigantic and fully functional guitar. You play by jumping on pressure plates corresponding to the cords which are color coded. It’s just a matter of time before this becomes a thing in the indie music scene XD + 3D Printer + So now you can design something on your Minecraft computer and print a 3D model of it on your 3D printer because that’s not totally insane (and TOTALLY awesome!). + Rapture + The epic famous BioShock city, Rapture. For anyone who’s never played the city is completely underwater, which is cool enough in game but in Minecraft makes constructions REALLY difficult and impressive.
@MattK95 lol same def, I could never build this stuff but I love watching videos like this c:
And in comparison I'm still using Minecraft a bit like how I used to use giant lego blocks, and Lincoln Logs when I was a toddler hahaha. Seriously though these are all really impressive :)
@AgentCory That first guy who built the computer, better have a much higher IQ than me or I'm gonna feel pretty pathetic XD