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My friends and I were bombing a rather steep hill that really isn't much to brag about though and we made it to the bottom. All of the sudden an elderly woman walked up to us yelling "What is wrong with you, don't you know how dangerous going down hills are? Imagine getting killed, then imagine how everyone would feel because of you!" Then she got a cop's attention and tried to get us in trouble, the cop however was very nice and allowed us to continue. I'm just mad that she would go to that extreme when we caused no harm.
As a longboarder, these kind of stuff is bound to happen. My friends and I had cops called on us for "destruction of property" and "disturbing the peace", when we always left the place cleaner than we found it, picking up trash left by the neighbors themselves. As we skated more there, they must of figured out we weren't terrorists on wheels or just simply gave up, and didn't really care what we did. People there became friendly and would say hi back when we greeted them. Point is, a little bit of hate is inevitable, but you can always turn it around with your attitude! Don't let it get to you man, and keep skating positive
They love it when I'm sweeping the road or parking lot with my yellow broom!
waving, talking and trash picking up are the best
Always remember to thank any people who step out of your way when they see you coming.
Oooh man I hate those moments!