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I was riding down some sweet new pavement, and then all of a sudden the front truck just popped off, causing me to fall and crash
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man down
3 years ago·Reply
Back when I first started longboarding and didn't know much about longboarding, I hopped on my buddy's sector9 bamboo board and bombed down a good sized hill hitting atleast 25 or 30 m.p.h. I got a major speed wobble and crashed because the trucks were so off balance. That and I probably had a lot of weight on my back foot haha! Anyways. It lead me to always try to remember to do a hardware check. Especially if I'm skating the gnar
3 years ago·Reply
well isn't that just lovely.
3 years ago·Reply
@ktm damn dude, were you alright?
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah @jaffster. I ended up kicking the board out mid speed wobble and it flew nose first into the ditch and stuck. I did a somersault and ended up on my shoes sliding down the hill, and finished off the day skating
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