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Solis Quality Longboards
This is actually last year at a wood show at my school. I got a lot of offers from this show. That Colorado board is one of the coolest boards I have made. I painted it myself!
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they look nice man
3 years ago·Reply
COLORADO!!! Love the CO flag deck man
3 years ago·Reply
those are sick are you selling them if so how much
3 years ago·Reply
@ZackeryStudtman my boards vary in price and I don't have any made right now because I'm in college. This summer I will probably be taking custom orders so to get in contact with me like Solis Quality Longboards on facebook and we can keep in contact one there. I can do almost anything you want. Just let me know. Thanks
3 years ago·Reply
nice Colorado one I wish I had it to represent my state
3 years ago·Reply