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Got some g form elbow pads today can't wait to try them out. Anybody else aver use these? If so how'd they work?
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Yeah I got there knee pads I'll have to get some for next season
how much are these? id love a pair I need new pads and might as well go for gold instead of waiting money
G-forms are madd expensive. They just came out with a new one, so they can range from 40-75 I'm guessing.
I got the elbow and knee set and they are amazing. I'm still very flexible and it doesn't slow down my movement or weight distribution. I've hit hard on those and they absorb the impact like they are designed to do, but the material will last longest if it's not making direct contact with what you smash into. so wear a long sleeve and jeans and put them on underneath for best duration and longevity. definitely remember they are just shock absorbers. not skid or sliding knee plate or elbow plate guards.
those look nice