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Having now lived in LA for a few years, there was no way I was going to fly back to Chicago for Jeff and Missi's wedding looking like a cardboard cutout in a boring suit and tie. I cannot be the only one to walk in the closet and discover that there is nothing to wear. So a shopping trip was in order! My aim was to first and foremost be true to who I am. I also only had a budget of about $350-400 max. TIP: Start your search with shoes. It is a whole lot easier to pair clothing options with shoes than the other way around. I looked online and found exactly what I wanted: Vivienne Westwood Orb loafers in aqua. Stunning. Patent leather shine. Leather-free, these loafers were molded in pvc. And then as Murphy's Law would have it, my shoes passed customs for delivery four hours after I departed. TIP: Don't panic in crisis. Be flexible. So I did what any other rational person would do. I Ubered from O'Hare to Macy's...luggage in for shoes. Being so used to living in a city where one can get virtually anything you'd ever want, I had forgotten that Chicago's thoroughly modern Magnificent Mile catered mostly to Midwest conveyor-belt-style fashion. Uniform-like. A lot of grays and blacks with nary a neon color in sight. "Don't judge," I chided myself, again and again. Some 40 minutes later I emerged with a pair of Lacoste sport shoes at Macy's. Cost: $110. Not bad. And they went perfect with my black-violet denim skinny jeans (Macy's), which I paired with a two-button wool coat (H&M), in the same color. Accessories came from The Tie Bar, which was an aqua/maroon plaid bow tie, striped socks, and a fabulous crocheted lapel flower. (Yes, I tied the tie myself, thanks to YouTube!)
Definitely not bad for the price! Love the preppy look. Hope you had fun at the wedding.
Looking sharp @marshalledgar!
@stargaze thanks I sure did! Always a good feeling when you get tons of compliments