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Arang and The Magistrate (Korean Drama) Ep.16-LIVE Recap

Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Ep 11 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep 12 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep 13 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52539 Ep 14 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54877 Ep 15 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55536 Last time, AR begins to remember slowly about EO's mom. She saw she followed JW and wonders why JW took her with him. And EO thinks of figuring out of Choi Lord to save his mom. AR remember when she took EO mom's hairpin from her hair saying "Don't go" And the place was deserted house in forest. In the meanwhile, EO thinks it's time for AR to say about his mom. He haven't wanted to talk about it cuz it seemed there is relation between AR's death and EO's mom. EO says everything to AR. She says "I think the things we've faced is not just coincidence. Ur teacher was SJ, SJ made me revive and SJ made us meet..so I think it's all SJ's plan. I will find truth about my death and know what SJ's thinking. Btw would you figure out who killed my nanny?" EO says "Don't worry alotz" In the morning, EO orders to find body. EO says to AR "You'd better no to see." AR says to her nanny's body "U must be cold. I'm sorry." EO says "Find if she has murder's identification. Clean the body, and catch the murder." DS goes to murder "It's magistrate's order. Follow me." Servant reports to Choi Lord "He was caught by crime of murder. His identification was in the dead's hand." The nanny's daughter came and says "Thank you. If you were not there, I'd be bad daughter who doesn't know when my mom died." AR says "When I found my body, nanny was crying holding me. At that time I couldn't see how much she was sad. I realized there were people who cried for me. If I knew that before, I'd not wader who was I." EO says "Btw why Choi Lord wanted to know who you are? Then JW also knew you?" But AR thinks there must be other reason for JW. JW thinks of AR's saying 'Didn't u wonder how Lee Seo Lim died?' He wonders why AR asks those things suddenly. JW asks to HR "Do you remember SL? My fianace in the past. At that time I didn't know her face cuz I had no interest. I wanna know if I killed her." HR says "Yes you did. The day, she followed us and saw everything. She had to be died. Why you try to remember? That's why I eliminate ur memory when you murder people. I tried to help you cuz you wanted to live." In the past, JW was feeling pain after killing. He begged to save him by erasing his memory. HR says "Now do you realize? Ask her why she followed you at that time." HR thinks it's not time to say JW that AR is SL. YR says to SJ "You guessed HR got weak because of EO. Btw MY is still resting?" MY thinks when Mu Yeong(HR) said she wanna live as human taking what she wants. AR is going to grave to remember more about past. She freaks out seeing JW. "Why you are here. There was deserted hous in the past. Do you know it?", she says. JW gets embarrassed and says "I gotta go." AR asks "When SL died, were you there?" EO's father comes to EO. He says "I tried to reply to your letter but I came here to ask you directly." EO says "I think my mom came here to meet Choi Lord. What relation is there between them?" EO's father says "You relatives tried to correct Choi's Lord by telling to King. But Choi made false story about them by saying they betrayed King. So only your mom survived in family. Understand her. She must be having much resentment and wanted to leave you." EO's father says to EO "If you have any trouble, let me know. I will help you." He wonders if EO's mom really came here to kill Choi Lord. AR talks to herself "I don't know why it's so hurting to find out who killed me. I gotta find it out to go to heaven, but is the one you really want?" Then EO comes in, saying "Did sth happen to you? I don't know wat it is, but don't forget I'll be always next to you until you go to heaven." EO found Choi Lord's relative. He says "In the past, a lady came to Choi's home. She didn't look like servant but Choi took her. But she put poison in his meal and she was caught. But she suddenly disappeared after that." He also said he've been forced to do labor. EO orders DS to find out why those things happens. Citizens came magistrate to tell about Choi's corruption. They says they've experienced hard things. Servant in magistrate reports sitaution to Choi Lord. He says "The atmosphere is bad. People come to petition." Choi Lord "Ok, go and observe carefully and report me continually. Go and tell my saying to the servant who is caught in jail." He went and said "Choi Lord said 'think if you're going to live long or short.' " (Choi forces his servants not to tell who ordered murder) EO says to AR "My mom came in Choi's home to kill him. Then she was taken by the wicked and has lived there until now." AR asks "What's relation between the wicked and Choi?" EO says "I think it've lived there before and person who lived in the house got fame from the wicked's power." EO calls ghosts and orders "Hide in Choi's home, and report me what he does." Choi's servant came and gave meal to HR. The ghosts come and complain "Why you sent us to the scary place? The place is too powerful for us to go." EO and AR goes to the place to check out. HR feels AR came. She says "Nice to meet you magistrate. At that time I didn't recognize son." AR remember wat she saw in the past. Mu Yeong is taking EO mom's body and EO mom is feeling confused of taking Mu Yeong. She used knife saying "Don't come to me" At the moment she try to hurt JW, AR gets hurt instead of him. After Mu Yeong sttled donw in EO mom, she asks who she is. JW says "I don't know who she is and why she is here." HR says "She saw everything. She has to die." After killing her HR orders JW throw away SL.
wow... she really did love JW, dying for him... but the bitter truth is that he didn't even know her... poor arang... now arang knows how she died and who killed her... what will happen now? we still have 4 eps left...^^ thanks for this recap njkim...^^
I guess after JW reminds everything of what he did to SL.. he will be the one who sadness the most.. ahh poor JW!
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finally, i could post this video at last... you don't know how many times i've tried uploading this on youtube and failed.. i've made this vid one whole day... editing, trimming, looking up the story summaries... gave me a big headache but it didn't stop me from finishing this. i've accumulated kiss vids that to me has an awesome kiss and i came up with this one... @neaa...from 19:29 minutes, i've cut it down to 14:42, so it won't exceed the 15 min.. default for uploading on youtube, this is for you...lol here are the details:(d for drama/m for movie) the best of the best korean kisses... 1. goong yoo and yoon eun hae (coffee prince) d 2. joo ji hoon and yoon eun hae (goong) d 3. joo ji hoon and shin min ah (the naked kitchen) m 4. bi rain and shin min ah (a love to kill) d 5. bi rain and im so jung (i'm a cyborg but that's okay) m 6. goong yoo and kim sun ah (she's on duty) m 7. bae yong jun and son hye jin (april snow) m 8. song seung hun and kim tae hee (my princess) d 9. lee min ho and son hye jin (personal taste) d 10. lee min ho and park min young (city hunter) d 11. park si hoo and kim so yeon (prosecutor princess) d 12. park si hoo and kim nam joo (queen of reversal) d 13. jung il woo and lee chung ah (flower boy ramyun shop) d 14. jang geun suk and yoona (love rain) d 15. jang geun suk and moon geun young (mary stayed out all night) d 16. song joong ki and moon chae won (nice guy/innocent man) d 17. song joong ki and lee seong min (five senses of eros) m 18. ji hyun woo and yoo in na (queen in hyun's man) d 19. jung yoo mi and lee jin wook (i need romance 2) d -neaa reminded me of reply 1997's kiss on the stairs.. forgot about that.. that was great too.. -and i've included jang geun suk's kisses here with yoona and moon geun young coz i think that he is such a great kisser, it's just so sad that he wasn't given a leading lady that matches his kissing prowess...^^
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Are ‘Faith’ and ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ Putting Lee Joon Gi and Lee Min Ho to Good Use?
MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate and SBS’ Faith, both of which have gathered great interest as the comeback pieces of hallyu stars Lee Joon Gi and Lee Min Ho, actually haven’t been doing very well. In viewership ratings, the situation isn’t too bad, because both have been garnering a little over 10 percent, but most of the viewers in that 10 percent say that they’re just watching because of Lee Joon Gi and Lee Min Ho, not because the dramas are any good. The dramas’ viewer boards are covered with posts reading, ‘When is Lee Min Ho going to play a part? Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Deok Hwan and Choi Min Soo seem to have more weight’ and ‘Lee Joon Gi just chases after Shin Min Ah’s coattails; I think this drama should be titled “Arang” and not Arang and the Magistrate.’ Viewers agree that they watch because they like the leads, but the quality of the dramas don’t live up to their leads’ names. Viewers say that the problem with Arang and the Magistrate and Faith is that they are either too unfriendly or too friendly. It is true that Arang and the Magistrate is supposed to be a mystery drama, but it has been throwing out too many unanswered questions and no clues, only leaving viewers confused and cutting off any hopes of solving the mystery. The most recent third and fourth episodes contained many questions, but the story progressed so slowly that no clues were uncovered. How Arang (Shin Min Ah) died, why the Great Jade Emperor (Yoo Seung Ho) and the King of the Underworld (Park Joon Kyu) are listening closely to Arang’s story or how Arang is related to the incident that occurred 400 years ago still remain as big unanswered mysteries. On top of that, the drama continues to pile up on the questions, such as what it is Moo Young (Han Jung Su) regrets in his past life, why Joo Wal (Yeon Woo Jin) needs to deliver young girls to a mysterious woman at the full moon or why Lord Choi (Kim Yong Gun) is at odds with his foster son Joo Wal. There are even more mysteries outside of the obvious stated in the drama, such as how Arang’s body managed to survive in the earth without decay, how Eun Oh (Lee Joon Gi) can see ghosts and fight so well even though he’s not a shaman and why Arang has Eun Oh’s mother’s hairpin or why Lee Seo Rim’s body doesn’t. Viewers have said, ‘I think Lee Joon Gi’s talent is being wasted. He’s just chasing Arang around, and he has less character than even those other supporting roles’, ‘Lee Joon Gi just seems to be Arang’s romantic partner. The magistrate is nowhere to be seen; there’s only Arang’, ‘Please don’t sell this overseas in Lee Joon Gi’s name’ and ‘The story is so slow.’ Faith, on the other hand, has been put under fire for opposite reasons. The drama is said to be too repetitive in its attempts to be friendly. Although the real main character is Kim Hee Sun’s ‘doctor from the heavens,’ most viewers watch the drama to see Lee Min Ho. Nevertheless, the only thing the Goryeo warrior Choi Young, who Lee Min Ho plays, has done so far is get stabbed with knives, fall down and get up again. Explanations of each character pop up too often in flashbacks, making the main story too boring. The third and fourth episodes used 20 minutes each to explain why King Gong Min (Ryu Deok Hwan) and Princess No Guk (Park Se Young) are so cold toward each other and why Choi Young doesn’t want to live anymore. Viewers took to the boards to point out, ‘Is this really a 10 billion won drama?’, ‘The cameo Choi Min Soo looked more like the lead than Lee Min Ho’ and ‘The animations and awkward special effects cover up Lee Min Ho’s acting.’ Will Arang and the Magistrate and Faith be able to put their male leads to proper use and grab the attention of their viewers anytime soon? Viewers can only hope. Photo credit: MBC, SBS