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Luxury. Epic style. Comfort. Statement piece. This post is for all the men out there that are desperate for fashionable footwear but are flummoxed about what you want. I searched high and low. I looked on a bunch of websites to get a feel for what I wanted and discovered a better approach: Google Images. Simply type what you think you want and let the images come to you. No more paging through countless websites only to find the same black and brown shoes. Boring! The shoes I found were PERFECT! Vivienne Westwood Orb Loafers in aqua. Hot color. Made entirely of molded pvc. Not a scant trace of leather anywhere. No need for a special occasion to wear them. Perfect for low-key lounging. Perfect for after-work cocktails. Perfect all the way around. Do you own a pair of these stunning shoes? Maybe you have something else? Love to hear what you got.
I love Vivienne Westwood!
LOL! Yes, my dog is a fruit bat fo sho! I've been drawn to burnt orange for the past couple years because it speaks to a sort of nostalgia, maybe for the 80s? maybe for a homey feeling? Right now I just have an appreciation for the warmth -- and strength -- of the color. It's not in my color wheel (I'm a winter), but for home decorating and general good feelings, I love it!
I would love to see these in my current signature color: burnt orange!
@mcdoogle oh that's good to know. It's so rare to hear people speak about color so specifically and to recognize that a favorite color doesn't mean it's the ok ne that defines you.
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