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I mean like I been posting so much about longboard and stuff which is great. but to enter some competition like November give away is easy to enter but some people just don't follow people they just like or comment. the reason why I'm saying this is I don't mind getting followers but I need a new longboard deck or a whole new model of longboard from the competition. we can support for each other who don't have a longboard.
You don't need followers. At all. All you need is to be in the TOP 20 OF THE MONTH GUYS!!!! Then you'll have a chance. Go back and read the guidelines if you're confused people. And asking for followers and likes is not helping. And don't be in it for the board, be in it to learn and advance in the sport by being active in the community! I don't know how many times I've said this, but its a lot. and frankly I'm getting angry at the at the amount of times this has been said.
The only dude following me is @MicahKnopp and I'm at rank #18 for the month so far.
you don't even have to get followers. I'm #10 this month and I only have 3-4 followers. you can rank up by posting, commenting, and liking. its all about being active and supportive. Posts like this aren't going to help much
Bro you don't need followers its just a way to get v points.
It'll just take some time. And though your cards are great whining won't help you get any followers.
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