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Sadly guys theres no badass story to this to be honest I wasn't even Going that fast but I still fell and it still feels as pretty as it looks
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lol so funny
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You're not the only one to have fallen today. And my story isn't much better. I had decided to go down the grassy side of a hill that I've gone down plenty of times on my ways to a friends house and the ground was a little softer than I thought it was and after going like 7 feet up goes the dirt and down I went. Fell on my hip. All good though just sore.
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I feel like some of the hardest falls are when I'm going super slow and just slam to the ground because I get caught up on a rock or something. You're not alone @PatrickConway
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It's always the saddest and most embarrassing when it's when your just going slow and get caught on a rock or crack.
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even worst when u trip over a speed bump. saddest fall I've ever had and it ripped open pants and knee :/ haha
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