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Love it or hate it, glitter is not going anywhere. But why isn't it selling? Pictured are three colors: * Luxe (gold) * Furtive Glance (blush pink) * Missi Foash (Fuchsia) All are from the CVALDA Glitterati collection. While this product could be used for crafting, it is cosmetic-grade and meant for makeup use. Look at the packaging. Five ounces of micro glitter is packed into square acrylic tubes with a fabulous silver mirror-finish cap. The company name is foil stamped, which elevates it apart from standard pot-size containers with printed labels. CVALDA boasts over 100 colors and 5 collections.'s my question, What do YOU think about the use of glitter for makeup? Yes? No? Maybe? Love to get your feedback because while glitter is mainstream, I talked to the folks at Sephora to get their take. What I found out was, among the thousands of products they have, they only carry one line of glitter, which is Lit Cosmetics. On top of that, Sephora only carries 4 colors from Lit. I asked why, and Sephora said it was because there is no US market for glitter. Aside from industries like entertainment, pageants, drag, and the like, no one is buying glitter. It should be noted that CVALDA is/was a company I started last year and put on hold because of lack of funding. Incidentally, Lit Cosmetics was in a similar predicament and opted to take their chances on the Canadian version of Shark Tank. I wonder if I ought to do the same thing...
@techatheart Thanks for your comment. I know there is a far bigger portion of women who would rarely use glitter. Do you think it may be because there are so few glitter options?
I would only use glitter if it was a very special a night out or...Vegas? I don't wear much eye makeup regularly anyway. For this same reason, I would not buy glitter because I would use it so rarely. I prefer shimmers...or something versatile like a Naked palette.
@marshalledgar I'm not sure...I personally don't use it often because I think it's over the top...and glitter is so hard to get off your face haha