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Specs Length: 41" Width: (Max): 10" Width: (Min): 9 3/4" Concavity: 5/8" Wheelbase: 27" or 28" Discipline Freeride Downhill Mild freestyle She's got a continuous w-concave for some serious grip. I swear by this board I love it!
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That and the grip you get from the w-concave feels so good. Like snowboarding almost.
its an interesting board. looks like a chubby?
Its a lifelong. It doesn't have that barrel shape. Kind of hard to tell without looking at the board yourself I guess. Haha
@TripAdvisor haha I know it's a lifelong, but the shape kind of resembles a chubby imo. Seeing as it is an all around board also, it seems like a cheaper but dope alternative to it
On haha, its nice man if you come across one you have to try it out.