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Anyone have some cool longboarding supply web sites? I got lifelonglongboards.Com
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daddy's is always reliable, edge board shop is my second personal favorite and they have random board giveaways ever month. I think all you have to have is a pic boarding with a helmet on (safety first!). Oh and edge uses a point system you can use toward purchases. Pretty rad to me!
3 years ago·Reply is where I get my skate gear. Always support your local skate shop kids!
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@steezus I think I found the one brand that Muirskate doesn't carry. I tried finding some Deville boards there and, nothing lol. kinda shocked me a little
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@KTM2014 What do you guys think of Deville? Since its a local store, I see ppl selling their boards for like 15 bucks on facebook pages haha
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I have never rode Deville myself, but I have talked to people who have liked them for bombing, and dancing types of skating. I really like some of their graphics on their boards, and the design / shape of the decks. I think that makes for a quality, unique company. As long as their boards are as good as they look @Shulace
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