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If my instincts are spot on, then you are going to be seeing a huge spike in floral designs that do not include Ecuadorian roses. The vibe for winter wedding and social events is going to be "hand-cut" from the garden. Therefore, English and garden roses will be in use. But let's look at the real key ingredient: seeded eucalyptus. It's silvery sheen and bush-like drape gives incredible base, color, and texture to any flower arrangement. Of course, you could also incorporate silver dollar eucalyptus as well or in lieu of the seeded variety. When it comes to the flowers, be on the lookout for romantic style: Ranunculus. Peonies. Parrot tulips. Garden roses. Expect to see looks that are less manicured and more artisan-inspired. Don't be afraid to experiment with color and texture. Explore your options. Talk to florists and get their opinion. Ultimately, you are in charge, and it is important that you get what you want. Lifestyle and event guru, Colin Cowie, has terrific advice for brides. "Incorporate the flowers that you love." Any upcoming brides out there still deciding on flowers? Have questions? Need advice? Maybe you have tips to share of your own. Let's hear all about it!
@galinda Don't get me started on my peony obsession! lolololol Did you know that peonies are the only flower grown that requires the outside assistance of ANTS to open its crown on petals?! love their delicate romantic petals.
I think we get so accustomed to the standard florist - style arrangements that we forget that we can create our own designs using what's already around us. @sanityscout I love rustic flowers that you mention. Daisies are wonderful because you can drop a single stem in each of an assortment of slender glass containers and the look would be stunning as it runs along a kitchen window.
I'm so happy to read this, @marshalledgar - I've long thought non-rose arrangements were some of the most beautiful. I had some white roses in my wedding, but mostly calla lilies, irises, and other flowers that were gorgeous but brought the cost way down. I also prefer arrangements for my home that feature daisies and sunflowers. The eucalyptus is a great idea, though - truly a revelation! There are many eucalyptus trees in the park by my home and there is always an intoxicating scent coming from the ground when we walk there. It would be lovely to have at home! It is also lovely to throw them in the fire - but that's not really taking advantage of their visual beauty the way you describe :)
@sherrysahar All credit for the first pic go to Kiana. She is the owner and chief designer of Tulipina Floral Design, based in San Francisco.
I will never get over my love of peonies. They are by far my favorite flower. I love that you mentioned eucalyptus too! I was actually raised surrounded by eucalyptus so I find the smell of it really calming. I'd love to see it used more in floral designs.
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