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Really proud of how much she's progressing at carving and such. Great 4 hour adventure all over town with her tonight :) The upgrade I gave her board is fantastic too! Freaking exhausted now dude, xD
@Shulace just teach her like you'd teach a younger version of yourself! And if she's looking to get her own board and asks you what a good setup would be. Never. Ask. How. Much. She. Weighs. Rule #1 never ever ask a woman how much she weights unless you're a doctor and she's a patient or somethih
I'm happy when a girl simply knows how to push a board.
filicran if your near Clearwater we should longboard bro
another great proverb from @steezus christ! Lol cx
I love em' too! They have some high quality boards, that Maestro has been drenched with rain and the wood doesn't even warp! The next board I want to get from them is the Maestro Mini! Hopefully I'll be able to check out Bustin's core store this December when I go up there! @MichaelNieves
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