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Anyone wanna contribute to a thread discussing common mistakes in sliding? I know there are different types of slides so this is a really broad topic, but I think input would be *reaaally* helpful regardless.
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I start my pendulum slides the same way as my coleman then just force it back n fourth a few times. Although I'm unsure if thats the proper way. I'm one of the very few people I know in my town who doesn't just cruise so I have a lot of odd style to my slides n ride since I learn it all on my own.
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SteveLee772, that's how I am, I'm one of the very few people in my town who don't just "ride longboard"(< sorry if I offend someone), but downhill, freestyle, etc, knowing only other 2 people who do, and being the furthest along in style, I've had to learn on my own, so I have my own slide styles lol. While other boarders from different towns frown upon my style, I see it as "putting our own spin on it" lol.
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@ZBfreeride @stevelee772 no offense taken. I think what you guys are doing is commendable. I don't really ride with my friends anymore because I feel like I'm holding them back so right now I'm trying to work on slides on my own. Tips are really useful. It might sound madd lame but I'm just trying to skate within my limits, especially coming out of a downhill injury back in September.
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Honestly I learn most my stuff when Im by myself just cause I dont have to worry about others. I have three good skate friends who know a decent amount and I enjoy riding with them. But when I do ride with slower or new people I generally just do tricks n slides around them. Try n teach if they're interested an just do me if they arent.
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@stevelee772 my sentiments exactly. That's why tips and videos are so helpful lolol. Appreciate the advice!
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