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Sup fam, back again for another round of opinions. I just got my deck and am certain of getting some Paris 180 mm v2. I'm just mainly concerned for my new wheels. (obvious longvoarding noob) A friend suggested I start out with some happythane orangatangs; narrowed down to the durian over the stimulus since I am still learning the ways of sliding and what not. leave the opinions down below pls. c:
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dude I would definitely recommend this wheel the yellow Durians are exactly what I learned sliding on. they bust out into slides so easy. they are so buttery and I've owned the yellow and the orange ones because I loved the wheel. I've only recently switched to Seismic Bootleg. oh and btw great choice on trucks Paris will last you so long and they have a lifetime warranty for any defects
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Ive honestly hated all otangs Ive slid. They are easy but ugly. My opinion on good leaning wheels is Zombie Hawgs or Butter Balls. Both super easy and clean slides. Ive learned almost all my slides with Zombies.
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^blah... I own square lipped Orangatang wheels, and I learned some stand ups on those. Steezus is right. It's all personal preference
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otangs are chattery as fuck. get abec 11
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do NOT get Cadillac swingers as first wheels. it'll make riding other wheels much harder because of how easy Cadillac swingers kick out etc. definitely not a beginner wheel
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