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so my dad's birthday is coming but and he always wants to come board with me but he doesn't have one and when he gets on mine I looks like it's going to break in half so what is a good board for more of a heavy set person. I was thinking of the gravity 45 big kick because it looked sharp plus it's 8 plies of Canadian maple.
Ok thanks which I like land yachts but I'm getting hopefully a bustin sports 35
I would suggest landyachtz. The switchblade 40, R5, and Evo are all thick and sturdy and probably won't even flex for a heavier set person. those are also rockin multiple layers of maple. those 3 in particular are also fairly lengthy if he is a tall guy as well. The switchblade 40 will be more downhill and freestyle as the R5 and evo are more speed boards and are also directional as the switchblade can be set multidirectional and work the same from facing forwards or facing backwards. other brands do offer good stuff which may also be cheaper but the landyachtz are worth the extra coin and will last a good while, of course if he takes proper care of it. good luck!
Earthwing Supermodel, Gravity Twinkick, Sector 9 Mini Shaka, Madrid Twintwin, Landyachtz Swithblade, etc. I'm actually not sure with Gravity though, their boards tend to be flexy.
The Bustin Ibach 39 is pretty tough and heavy duty :)
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