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o how time can pass so slow I need that drift of wind to blow for I will remain feeling betrayed the only images left of you will stay my aid you can forget about me as for our memories would never fade my mind yet wonders how could it be I for I was the one that tried, so why? why did this all just happen so quick what happened to being their through thin and thick but I guess I was wrong its thick first then thin we went through our thick which wore us out thin but our lessons and experiences will forever remain a win so where is the wind may I ask for the task of life gives you that brief moment of relief in which drops your mask o that wind the wonderful breeze, reluctenly gives me that gust of serenity in which cant be seized that breath in which my soul can feed and now i plead ,please set me free help me blossom in this pit of the sea so blow wind blow and help me move for I am like titanic and have something to prove for I may have been hit and felt the depth of the ocean but still remain in tact with all emotions
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Thank you guys means a lot to me
I cried.
I'm glad the poem was able to touch you like that @MarySEW
I find i can deeply relate to this. Its like a reflection fate represents so i can face some things. Thank, you for writing it.
Thank you all for commenting again and reminding me of this piece--a great read yet again.