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**UPDATED! Now includes the option of a fly reel!** After the success of the last giveaway, I've decided to set up one more giveaway! So, here it is! This time I'll only be giving away one reel, but you can choose which of the THREE reels you'd like to get!! NOW HERE IS HOW YOU WIN: ================================== Step 1: Install Vingle, and join the Vingle Fishing Community! Step 2: Contribute to the fishing community! (Contribution is measured by V Points and a description is below) > 1 of the 20 members with the most V Points this month will be randomly selected. ~This is shown under "Members" in fishing. ( ~Myself and @mcgraffy will choose from the "Rising Members for November" at the end of the month. ( > V Points are awarded for: ~When you get a like or clip on your post. ~When you get followers on your collections. ~When you like or clip other members' card. ~When you get likes on your comment. For those new to Vingle, these cards will be really helpful in how to work the app: Starting Vingle => Using Collections => Creating a Card => Community Guidelines => The main idea here is to get the community active and lively! Looking forwarding to getting to know all of you better. The winner can choose one of these three reels: Abu Garcia Revo Beast Shimano Stradic CI4 4000 FA Galvan Torque T8 Tight lines everybody!
**UPDATED!! You can now choose between the Shimano, the Abu Garcia, and the Galvan Torque T8 for those guys interested in fly fishing!
If only I wasn't too busy working.. I'd rather be fishing for a living rather than work to fish.. #ForcedToWork #BornToFish
Tip from the previous fishing moderator, if you all don't mind hearing it! Since you gotta be in the top 20 to be considered, try to get more V points by leaving good comments on your favorite cards.i think that helps a lot! Tight lines!!
I wish every one of us could win!!! lol
I love fishen I would love either one fishen is my favorite sport its relaxen and all around a stress reliever..I'm sure I won't be the one to win one of these reels but who ever gets one enjoy and take care..
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