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Ever since I heard about the film "Boyhood," written and directed by Richard Linklater, I've been thinking a lot about one of my positions as a parent that I think is often underexamined - that of observer. The wonder, joy, and sadness of watching as a tiny being becomes more and more "human-like," learning behaviors, movements, sounds, communication, personality - all those things that amazingly happen to our children (and happened to all of us!) growing up. Observing that process of development is such an exciting and fascinating part of being a parent so far, but I also sometimes find it to be bittersweet and sad, watching them getting bigger, more self-sufficient...and thinking when I see stories like "Boyhood" that my son will also grow up and have his own heartaches and joys outside of my watchful gaze. It starts to sound kind of cliche as I write this, but now I am really starting to understand its melancholy. I bring this up because I thought of it again when I came across "Duet," a gorgeous animation by Glen Keane that shows the process of growing up together and apart from infancy and adulthood. There is definitely a message of shared fate and romantic love, but today I really saw more of its timelapse-type portrayal of the process of our children (and us) growing older and experiencing the world differently. I'd love to know if and how this speaks to you! Update: I just noticed that Keane made this for Google's I/O ATAP project, and that it's the cinematic version of a future interactive animation for mobile phones. I'm really curious to see what that will look like!