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Talk about amazing: The Pet Collective TV, which is a website for pet lovers, has joined up with Hollywood Grooming (and some other vets) to go to high kill shelters and helps mangy-looking dogs get a makeover so that their chances of being adopted would go up! When dogs like Charlie and Maggie seen in these videos are found, the chances of them being adopted are even slimmer that other dogs in the high-kill shelters. Why? Because they don't look like a pet to those that come to visit the shelters, they look like a dirty animal! Often, after these dogs get makeovers, they are adopted! There are thousands of other dogs in shelters just like these guys: share the video and help them get adopted! Remember, it's not all about how the dog looks, but what it's really like.
Me too!!! It's great to see someone just taking a few minutes of time to care :) @galinda
These videos never fail to make me cry. I'm glad there are great people out there who help these dogs!