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Loaded Vanguard
So decided to post this beaut. I have 70 mm x 78 d Donus Downhills with some Abec 7 Bearings. My trucks are Gullwing Sidewinders, which I'm ready to replace because 1, they are super heavy on my board and 2, the board already turns on a dime. The Sidewinders are nice but not necessary. What do you guys think? Any recommendations?
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You sir should obtain yourself some Paris trucks! :D
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah you'll definitely be better off with paris trucks or something. As for wheels, abec 11 zigzags should work nicely with that setup
3 years ago·Reply
Actually I have some Paris Trucks on my other cruiser but I want to get another set of trucks. I figure I can throw on my sidewinders whenever I'm doing some long-distance cruising. Ill check out the abec 11 zigzags soon
3 years ago·Reply
Then Caliber 50's might be well too
3 years ago·Reply
Checking them out now!
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