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Pinocchiodrama.com news: Choi Dal Po Lee Jong Suk makes fan’s heart flutter by the newest stills
The Newest stills of Lee Jong Suk for Pinocchio shot rocks fans’ hearts. In the photos released on Tuesday, Choi Dal Po Lee Jong Suk is joining a game show and provoking his competitor. The first two episodes of “Pinocchio” will provide a chance for the Korean heartthrob to make the most of his acting skills, with both serious and humorous situations. Considering the recurring theme of “the unexpected victory of the least fit yet righteous hero,” drama lovers are looking forward to seeing how clever Lee will get with the leading quiz show participants. According to the synopsis, Lee was infamous for his nickname “all-F jerk” in childhood, flunking countless exams at school. Starring Lee and hallyu actress Park Shin-hye, the Wednesday-Thursday drama portrays the love of two young social affairs reporters and their struggle for justice. Lee plays the lead character Choi Dal-po, a news reporter who used to be a taxi driver. Park plays the role of Choi In-ha, a rookie reporter who suffers from “Pinocchio syndrome” — getting the hiccups every time she tells a lie. The drama is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday at 10 p.m., following the conclusion of “My Lovely Girl.”
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