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A book "The Lost Gospel" by York University (Canada) professor Barrie Wilson and documentarian Simcha Jacobovici is due out on October 12th from the publishing house rooted in the British Library. And this book claims that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children. News stations and newspaper all over the internet have been picking up on this, and turning it into an explosive affair. If you want to know more about this, check out the article attached above. What I don't understand is this: why? Why does it matter? No where was it said that if Jesus had been married and had children it would have been at all a sin. Instead, the fear that they are trying to instill in peoples comes from assumptions: that this book is trying to say that Christianity's roots cannot be true, or that people are attacking their theological roots. However, this is a big mistake to fall into. If you look at the history of the bible, and all copies of the scripture, it does not take much to learn and realize they are from two centuries after the time of Jesus the entire concept of Christianity takes on a vastly different hue. During the years of the council of Nicea, many parts and gospels were discarded, and even though that remained were altered and written for various audiences. Paul outright admitted he changed his message based on where he was and the listeners at hand. Anything is possible. Believe or have faith in what you want. Just don't try to tell someone else their version of truth is any less than yours: as well all know, the truth is based on the present that it is part of, and it can be hard to track or manage as true or false as time goes on. Instead, stick to your beliefs and believe in what you find to be truth, while still respecting those who choose to believe something different!
it REAL, than I thought
You know, @starboy300, it haunts me that in a way, you are absolutely right.
no matter what they say about Jesus Christ, I believe in Him Strongly and know He died and Resurrected on the third day, for me to be forgiven of my sins. Amen
@nehapatel, also, you may be interested in my own speculations about the life and death of Jesus
Jesus of Nazareth was just a typical 1st century Jew from the Galilee, except that he was very bright and goodhearted, and the son of a single mother who was only 15 years old when he was born. It is very likely that he was married and had children. There is no reason why not.
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