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Tarantula Trucks why is this even a thing ? id like to meet the genius who came up with this concept
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@jcubstone just because someone has an idea and goes after it does not mean we dont have the right to criticize it example Hitler had an idea to abolish jews from Germany in turn he murders 6 million jews can we criticize Hitler after all he had an idea and took a shot congrats to him?
@JoeyMotionless I was going to say the same thing, but I think killing millions of people and freaky looking trucks shouldn't be compared lol
@JoeyMotionless good point lol but all I'm saying is their is no point in hating on it especially if you have never even tried them. All you're doing is complaining about something you know absolutely nothing about.
i have ridden them and ive even been told quite alot that because of how the truck is top mounted when people stood on their deck the wood completly snapped so i wont be looking into getting a pair anytime soon
Ok fair enough