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Your information shouldn't be bought and sold. Firefox believes that should mean using a non-profit browser that isn't focused on becoming the controlling force on the internet, but on allowing independence to burn bright online. In the recent news of net neutrality and the ruling that will be sure to effect that way we all use the internet, and in honor of the 10 year anniversary, Firefox has released this video, introducing themselves as a supporter of free internet (while also focusing on the ways that Firefox is the browser for this). Firefox doesn't answer to corporations and shareholders; does this matter to you? I, admittedly, deserted Firefox back in 2012 when the service went buggy and unstable, but I have heard that this has been fixed. I'm testing out returning, as integration across Android phones with PC is supposedly very easy, and their privacy rules are top notch. Does anyone else use Firefox?
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@TechAtHeart @amog32 Likewise! Even though it's not my first choice because of it's previous failures, Chrome frustrates me sometimes. I think I would miss all my google integrations, though!
Honestly, I abandoned it after Chrome came out...I still have it on my computer but can't remember the last time I launched it. I need to go back!