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So I was down at the skate park today, and the scooter kids were starting stupid bull crap, you know the usual, and I was talking a little crap. This guy who had to of been 30, that I don't even think I saw skate in the park, say that I am gayer for riding a longboard.. Why do things like this need to be said? I just skated away, and blew it off while doing some little stand slides around the outside of the bowls, and then worked on my hippy jump a little bit over one the rails. I am downhill orientated, so I'm new in the park. I understand I'm not dropping in and doing cool tricks yet, but I'm starting to get air in the parks, and I can do a few grinds. I'm not trying to start a war. I just want respect across the board. People should be able to skate what ever they want, when they want, on what they want.
yeah, I'd like to see them get on a longboard and bomb a hill at 40-50 mph. let's see what they say after meeting my good friend Mr. speed wobbles.
This has always been a thing with street skaters. They think that people longboard because they can't street skate, and they think that longboarders are posers. Makes no sense to me.
You literally have to show them up or maybe you were in his way and he is a rude old guy who is afraid of these kids and their newfangled skateboard
I totally agree
Haters gonna hate Skaters gonna Skate lol
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