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Skaters Hating on Longboarders?
So I was down at the skate park today, and the scooter kids were starting stupid bull crap, you know the usual, and I was talking a little crap. This guy who had to of been 30, that I don't even think I saw skate in the park, say that I am gayer for riding a longboard.. Why do things like this need to be said? I just skated away, and blew it off while doing some little stand slides around the outside of the bowls, and then worked on my hippy jump a little bit over one the rails. I am downhill orientated, so I'm new in the park. I understand I'm not dropping in and doing cool tricks yet, but I'm starting to get air in the parks, and I can do a few grinds. I'm not trying to start a war. I just want respect across the board. People should be able to skate what ever they want, when they want, on what they want.
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yeah, I'd like to see them get on a longboard and bomb a hill at 40-50 mph. let's see what they say after meeting my good friend Mr. speed wobbles.
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I totally agree
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You literally have to show them up or maybe you were in his way and he is a rude old guy who is afraid of these kids and their newfangled skateboard
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I had almost the same thing happen to me.
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Got some air the other day, and starting to get down some hippy jumps, so F those haters man
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