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Kang Ji Hwan - First choice in Faith Project - have you seen that?
The Great Doctor is a drama that was scheduled to be aired in 2011, and the main actor was supposed to be Kang Ji Hwan. It was planned as a 3D drama and was expected to be a big hit. Of course a lot of capital was expected to be used (3 billion won which is approx $2.5 million USD). Described as a fusion historical project,it dealt with the topic of Oriental medicine. It was set in the Goryeo era and was planned for 16 episodes. But at that time, KJH had some difficulty because of an agency conflict. KJH’s ex-agency (Jambo entertainment) was a member of CEMA (Corea Entertainment Management Association). CEMA sided with Jambo and prevented KJH from joining “Faith” So he had to quit the drama series even if he had already shot the trailer. Jambo entertainment turned out to be guilty and the court’s verdict was for Jambo to compensate 500 million won to KJH. So unfortunately, now we can’t see KJH’s The Great Doctor. source: dcinside and dramabeans via Kang Ji Hwan 강지환
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