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November Longboard Giveaway: PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENTS!
The Vingle Longboarding Community staff have decided the prizes that we will be giving away for the Vingle November Longboard Giveaway! We will give away 5 prizes, including 2 completed boards! Here are the details: 1ST PRIZE: Loaded Tan Tien Complete 2ND PRIZE: Jet 2014 Raygun Complete 3RD PRIZE: 180mm Paris V2 50掳 Trucks (set of 2) 4TH PRIZE: 65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan (82a) 5TH PRIZE: 60mm ABEC 11 NOSkoolZ (78a) NOW HERE IS HOW YOU WIN: >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Step 1: Share this post on FB. Step 2: Contribute to the community! (Contribution is measured by V Points and a description is below) > 5 of the 20 members with the most V Points this month will be selected ~This is indicated under "Members" in longboarding. ~We will choose from the "Rising Members". > V Points are awarded for: ~When you get a like or clip on your post. ~When you get followers on your collections. ~When you like or clip other members' card. ~When you get likes on your comment. > V Points are taken away for: ~When you publish to irrelevant communities. ~When you have no title present in your post. ~When you have no description in your post. ~When your post does not benefit the community. For those new to Vingle, these cards will be really helpful in how to work the app: Starting Vingle => http://www.vingle.net/posts/5601-How-to-Vingle-1-Starting-Vingle Using Collections => http://www.vingle.net/posts/5608-How-to-Vingle-2-Using-Collections Creating a Card => http://www.vingle.net/posts/5999-How-to-Vingle-3-Creating-a-Card Community Guidelines => http://www.vingle.net/posts/197274-Vingle-Community-Guideline The idea behind this is not to force you to post and/or comment, the idea is for you to become active members of this community. Looking forwarding to getting to know all of you better! Good luck to everyone! I hope you are all excited about the prizes!
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love the boards
3 years agoReply
loaded board available B-) gotta get the chance no matter what
3 years agoReply
3 years agoReply
Good luck everyone and happy boarding
3 years agoReply
longboarding is life
3 years agoReply