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Photographer Zachary Scott transformed these 6 adorable toddlers into their elderly forms for a piece in the NY Times called "What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?" The story looks back on an experiement from the 80s that tested whether or not age is really just a number. The experiemment tested 8 men in their 70s and surrounded them with items from their youth. Before arriving, the men were assessed on such measures as dexterity, grip strength, flexibility, hearing and vision, memory and cognition. For five days, these men lived in the past. From the time they walked through the doors, they were treated as if they were younger. The men were told that they would have to take their belongings upstairs themselves, even if they had to do it one shirt at a time. The amazing thing is, after the five days they were suppler, showed greater manual dexterity and sat taller — just as the researchers had guessed. Perhaps most improbable, their sight improved. So what do you think? Is age just a number? If we work hard to stay young and interested in life, will we really stay young forever? Read the whole story here:
This is inspiring! Lol
Hmmm, wow...just goes to show how powerful the mind can be!
This is really interesting, I love that they were not only told to act younger, but were treated younger!
If this is true, I am so happy: I'll just stay in my 20s forever!
I've always noticed that my grandparents seem more youthful when surrounded by people their own age but I never thought it could actually improve their health?
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