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Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone! In honor of this holiday, I'm opening up some "thankful" prompts to get you thinking. Feel free to give it a try in the comments, or, leave a link to your card so you can enjoy it! Prompt #1: Tell a tale form the perspective of the food, not the diners. Join in more November events! (
Thank you for writing one @GeorgeJensenJr . I'm going to add the link here so that others can enjoy!
@greggr Unfortunately, we don't have such thanksgiving event celebrated in my country. I heard that several tribes in some village still do that kind of thing (the act of being thankful) traditionally. They bring things to be given to the sea, so it's kind of ritual thing.
I'm writing this on the go so I can't join in now! @WyattHaste @GeorgeJensenJr @RobertStriker are any of you gonna try it??
I'll give this one a quick go to start! I expect you all to still join in. "Ha! She tucked me behind the mounds of mashed things today; I don't think they'll see me. If I don't smell too much, and I resist the urge to quiver, I think I'll make it through this meal. They're almost done eating now; I've made it! They're through. Finally, Jello made it t-" Silly, I know, but the prompt is kind of silly, isn't it?
@moya23 Mine is in the first comment, but I hope you can see others' if they join in! Do you have any holidays where the goal is to be thankful? I think that could work for a few prompts I have planned.
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