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Have you ever seen a cut-out top crust pie? I love eating the baked cut-out filling part because it's crispy. Also, my grandmother loves baking apple pies with this style because she doesn't poke through the pie to see if the inside is ready. It's really easy to create the cut-out top. After you’ve place the first pie dough in your pie pan and added the filling, roll out your second dough to be 1-inch larger than your pie pan. Using a decorative cookie cutter of your choice (¾ to 1-inch in diameter) cut a hole in the center of your dough. Work out from there cutting holes every 2 to 3-inches. Drape the dough over your pie, lining up the center cut-out with the center of the pie. Trim your edges, turn under and crimp however you like.
How pretty! I was actually concerned about the same thing as @AvocadoLove so thank you for reading my mind haha
Eating the left over pieces sounds like a great idea to me @AlohaJPark ;)
@AvocadoLove Good question! No, it won't effect the chicken moisture! The filling will remain moist under the top layer. :)
Is this top crust suitable for chicken pot pie? i'm afraid the chicken would be too dried with the cut-out top.