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well, looks like I've got to day and tomorrow to shred before I just about call it quits for a while. Why does cold weather have to come around.... this sucks
I get you man. Good luck with that dude!
I hate it haha. I used to love cold weather when I lived in Colorado, but since I moved to Maryland a few years ago I've grown to hate it haha. I'll probably still ride every so often, but that's when I get some new jackets haha @FredyVasquez
I would, but I still don't have a jacket or sweater yet haha @FredyVasquez I just tried all of mine a few days ago and grew out of them over the year.
awh that's a bummer. I'm used to cold weather so it doesn't really bother, plus I just layer.
And plus in not too big a fan of cold weather
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