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I recently bought this used loaded dervish, I am slightly new to the world of long boarding. But ive skateboarded all my life. I want to pretty much redo anything and everything on this board, any companies that you recommend would be so helpful for anything on this bad boy haha.
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I'd like to learn how to dance but I'm not at that level, thanks I will defiantly look some of this up
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daddies board shop for sure. that's where I get all my longboard needs!
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Nice purchase!
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muirskate > daddies thane store for anything that has to do with freeride wheels for dancing, get 50° Paris v2s and some soft, grippy and fast wheels. abec 11 zig zags fit the bill perfectly. zealous bearings will last you forever with minimum maintenance and roll just as fast as every other bearing, although at first they'll be slow until broken in.
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WOAH. I had to take a double take because your board looked almost exactly like mine. Same setup, everything. woah. but it looks awesome to me!(:
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