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Hey guys, I never really post about this board so i decided: why not give it some spot light! This is the second board i've ever owned. Its the first one that i took on hills. I jave some beautiful scars on my back(LOL) from this board. It has alot of sentimental value Any skip that if you really wanna get into detail 1) Its an atom drop deck, which at the moment is at it's original complete state. 2) I laid some RDVX super coarse grip kn it 3) Original 45 degree atom trucks 4) Bones reds 91a bushings 5) When I do go down hill, I'd use my blood oranges 70mm, but for cruising purposes, I use the original 70mm 78a atom wheels. 6) Yes, thats a sticker bomb. Why, cause I wanted to at the time. Do I regret it, not in tge slightest xD Well that's it for the breakdown! Let me know what you guys think!
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that's the reason for the unpredictable slides
They started out completely normal, then they began to swirl. Thats why I rarely use them no a days
nice Santa Cruz board
its an atom, not santa cruz
oh my bad