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Dam snow, gotta be coming so early. I just wanted at least another week before I got snowed out.
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damn....... that sucks dude
3 years ago·Reply
step 1) get a blank street deck for cheap (Churchill has them for 25$) step 2) seal it and clear coat it step 3) apply RDVX (make sure to use a blow dryer to warm it up or it won't stick) step 4) find a snow covered hill step 5) shred it RDVX is waterproof so its probably the best grip choice for snow haha
3 years ago·Reply
I already have a sealed board and I'm making a new deck right now @Jlukasik I'm just worried about my wheels and bearings and trucks, pretty much everything except my deck. Thanks tough man
3 years ago·Reply
I meant skating a sealed and waterproofed deck alone on the snow haha, like a makeshift snowboard
3 years ago·Reply
Holy crap that's an awesome idea.... done! Thanks @Jlukasik
3 years ago·Reply