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What would you guys say is the best type of wheels for sliding, cruising, and just in general?
there are no best wheels, stop asking what gear is the best cause it's all preference, but general consensus is that 90% of otangs freeride wheels are chattery and overpriced. kegels are good for DH/Push though. for freeride there's way too many wheels to list for downhill, kegels, cannibals, advantages, royce's and bigzigs are dope. for push, speedvents, flywheels and hotspots are rad for tech sliding, slide a's, sublime powerslides, and mini logos are great for street and park, formula 4s and any bones wheels will do the job well.
@DragonAragon hotspots have a huge contact patch and are more downhill and push oriented, unless you're freeriding at 40, they'd be very grippy, but the defcon formulas are one of the fastest wheels out there. ATF these wheels have great roll speed for their size, but 80a 327s can get a little chattery in the slide at lower speeds. 82a 317s are great and consistent at most speeds and across most pavements
sliding and cruise? tall order there but if I had to pick one, it'd be seismic hotspots 76mm 81.5a great roll speed for cruising and they're very predictable for sliding because of the harder duro. But honestly there is no best wheel in general. Just try them all out!
I like orangutan stimulus, but there are a lot of wheels that could be better haha
I had some 87 (I think ) flywheels on my old set up once they broke in they were amazing for sliding and they were huge nice and stable and great for cruising
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