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Bass, Browns, Walleye. definitely my favorite fish to catch. spent a lot of time on the water this year, teaching new people the trade.
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@JustinRussell @mcgraffy Yeah, I mean I love going after bass,b ut like you said its more fun to vary what I'm doing and go after some other fish too
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Nice catches man. that last one a bull trout?
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@kawikaafelin aw yeah. he gave my rod a beating
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I caught several of those on the Deschutes river in oregon. we pretty much worked over a school of those with no one else on the river. my buddy had exclusive access to the back side of the Indian reservation there. needless to say it was memorable and amazing.
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@KawikaAfelin Man it's always fan to go somewhere no one else is really allowed: makes you feel much, much more free and involved in it all
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