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Just because I wasn’t alive doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the awesome games of the 1980s and wow there were a lot of negatives in that sentence. ANYWAY there’s a ton of awesome games from the 80s and here’s a few of the best ones (at least according to this list I found). If you’ve played any of them or have other retro faves let me know in the comments! + Pac-Man + Year: 1980 Platforms: Arcade The one and only, it’s hard to believe something so well known is almost 35 years old! I mean some people get pac mac references and don’t even know it’s a game XD + Defender + Year: 1980 Platforms: Arcade, Atari 2600, C64 "At the time of release, Defender was one of the most complex games ever released. Requiring a whopping five buttons along with the joystick, Defender was an overwhelming experience for many gamers when it first launched." + Tempest + Year: 1981 Platforms: Arcade "Tempest is a game that can proudly call itself a pioneer of the industry. Totally different from anything that had come before it, Tempest featured a totally new control system and futuristic-looking vector graphics based on a fixed, three-dimensional perspective.” + Donkey Kong + Year: 1981 Platforms: Arcade C64, NES Dude is there anything more classic than Donkey Kong?! DK was the first big single screen platformer in the US. + M.U.L.E. + Year: 1983 Platforms: PC, NES, Atari 800 "Tragically underappreciated even today, M.U.L.E. was met with a muted critical response and poor sales after its release in 1983. However, in recent years, the game has been increasingly recognised as one of the most groundbreaking video games of the ’80s, years ahead of its time.” + Elite + Year: 1984 Platforms: BCC Micro, C64, Spectrum "Despite being one of the least commercially successful games on this list, Elite is notable as being one of the most stunningly ambitious games of the decade. A space trading simulator, Elite added twitch gameplay to the genre established by 1974’s Star Trader." + Boulder Dash + Year: 1984 Platforms: C64, Apple II, NES "Mining might be inexplicably big in gaming right now, but Boulder Dash is the game that kicked it all off. The game puts players in control of Rockford, who must mine through underground caves in order to grab gems and reach the exit before either the timer runs out or he’s killed by nasty creatures.” + Super Mario Bros. + Year: 1985 Platforms: NES Arguably the most important platformer ever made, and now you can go back and play it on the Wii arcade! + Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar + Year: 1985 Platforms: Apple II, Amiga, PC "The Ultima series was already at the forefront of innovative RPG gaming, but Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar saw the genre pushed further than ever before. Most importantly, the game added humanity to a game about killing monsters, with the narrative being among the first to offer moral choices and contemplative philosophy.” + Tetris + Year: 1985 Platforms: NES, Spectrum, Gameboy The OG puzzle game, the first and still going strong Tetris is so well known that even people who’ve never played recognize the song. + Metroid + Year: 1986 Platforms: NES This is on my wish list to play, I’ve never gotten the chance (only gotten to play Super Metroid). "Metroid was remarkable in that it allowed players to explore non-linear levels that could be revisited and uncovered even further using unlockable abilities.” + The Legend of Zelda + Year: 1986 Platforms: NES I actually got to play this one on the Wii, and it’s so much fun. The Zelda games are one of my faves and one of the most well known series ever. + Contra + Year: 1987 Platforms: Arcade, NES, C64 "If there’s one video game that sums up the ’80s as a whole, it has to be Contra. Unashamedly big and dumb, Contra was nonetheless the go-to game for fans of running and gunning for years after release, primarily thanks to the brotastic two-player co-op.” + R-Type + Year: 1987 Platforms: Arcade, PC, Gameboy "Probably the most famous side-scrolling shooter of the ’80s, R-Type has deservedly gone down as a classic of the genre. Featuring intense difficulty, R-Type was a game that required the utmost dedication from gamers in order to complete, and is still often listed as one of the hardest games ever made.” + Maniac Mansion + Year: 1987 Platforms: C64, PC, NES "One of the earliest games to offer a hilarious and compelling narrative, Maniac Mansion was the game that really propelled LucasFilm Games (later reformed as LucasArts) to legendary status." + Wasteland + Year: 1988 Platforms: PC, C64, Apple II "Predecessor to the legendary Fallout series, Wasteland was also set in a post-apocalyptic United States, albeit with a much more serious and darker tone. Inspired by tabletop RPG gaming, Wasteland allowed players to surmount challenges using far more than brute force.” + Super Mario Bros. 3 + Year: 1989 Platforms: NES The first appearance of Raccoon Mario and Frog Mario, and arguably the first Mario game that took a fun game to a real franchise. + Mega Man 2 + Year: 1989 Platforms: NES "It might not have had much in the way of innovation, but Mega Man 2 made up for it in sheer, perfectly designed fun. While the first Mega Man experienced poor sales, Mega Man 2 was a commercial success, still the best-selling entry in the entire Mega Man franchise.” + Prince of Persia + Year: 1989 Platforms: Apple II "The Prince of Persia franchise might now be best known for the spectacular 3D action titles that began with The Sands of Time in 2003, but it all started with an innovative little 2D platformer. Prince of Persia puts players in the shoes of the titular prince, as he navigates a series of deadly dungeons and catacombs.” + SimCity + Year: 1989 Platforms: PC, Mac, Amiga The original, the greatest, did god games like this even exist before Sim was around?
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So many classics on this list. Ultima! What a series that was. I remember that was when I was in my infancy.