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Setup Advice?
I'm building a longboard for my little brother, i'm additionally getting him a new setup for it. What would be the best/ cheap setup that you can think of. He's around 120lbs and 5'6. Setup needs to be on the lighter side and he is still a beginner. Any suggestions?
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Check out for all set up needs. They make quality stuff.
3 years ago·Reply
Is he gonna be freeriding, freestyling, or just cruising?
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus Probably cruising at first, but he skates right now so he'll get into freeride
3 years ago·Reply
make him something that can do a little bit of everything on so he can try out a couple different disciplines.
3 years ago·Reply
Mkay well I'd set him up with cal 2's and amber freerides OR Cadillac swingers
3 years ago·Reply