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What is the difference between long boards and freeboards except for the extra wheels and the foot placement
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@steezus freeride** haha freestyle is the discipline that's similar to dancing, ie flat tops, tigerclaws, flip tricks and shuvs having bindings on pavement is just a bad idea, if you fall, the bindings may catch one or both of your feet, leading to some nasty ankle injuries, I'd stay away from these personally.
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freebords are more like snowboarding than longboards. a freebord allows you to spin freely you cant do that on a longboard
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@jlukasik the foot clips or bindings are not as tight as you think I can slide my feet in and out with no problem and my feet stay in just fine
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Ummm...@Jlukasik I know what freestyle is. Have you seen the videos they make with these boards? Its a lot of both freestyle and freeride. Hahaha its funny that you think I don't know what freestyle is, check my profile and all the cards I post dude lol
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@steezus can't really do much freestyle other than 180s and 360s with bindings on, so I thought you confused the two, not something to get defensive over
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