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Ok so for most of you know I have a really old board. well its time for a new one but I have extremely limited money and I'm not going to celebrate Christmas this year because I'll be moving into a new house. so I need a really cheap place to buy boards any suggestions?
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Churchill had dove really cheap blank decks also
Churchill and Nelson aren't too expensive.
Churchill. Nelson is amazing but their decks alome are in the 140 range so if you're looking for a decent complete for the low hit up Churchill/Funbox
Sector 9s are cheap(I'm against them though), but Arbor also had some really nice boards foe relatively cheap, look at the Arbor Axis, you can get it on for $99 just for the deck, since you have a previous board, I'd assume that's what you'd do, or $180 for the basic setup, standard trucks, wheels, bearings. my friend has the axis Koa and loves it to death.