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what's the best sliding wheel?
I've tried butter balls but I want more.
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I like blue Zombie Hawgs (Landyachtz) and purple or yellow In Heats (Orangatang) I don't know if the in heats are meant for slides, but I've been able to break into them finely. if your looking for cheap, get some Sector 9 Butterballs, they are $20, when you buy cheap you get cheap. Most fun slides IMO, but wear really fast and can't be saved. but that's what happens with $20 wheels.
haha, thanks @IanRichardson. if you want something easy and forgiving wheel to learn on check out abec 11 freerides in 78a or 81a, the other duros aren't that good. they leave nice thane, slide predictably and consistently, dont have an abrupt hookup and have a pretty easy kick out. otangs chatter a ton. 80a fat frees where my first freeride wheels and I put them to the side for the longest time after riding some other wheels, but I'm trying to core them atm.
I have the liam Morgans blood orange 82a and they're easy to break. I would recommend them for sliding but like @Jlukasik said, it's your preference.