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My first magazine article!
Today, I am quite happy as I have finally seen my first magazine article in the new edition of MAG2000. MAG2000 is a local printed magazine, available for free, with tons of articles about local business, trending, beauty tips, business news and of course, techno stuff. It is in french, but I wanted to share "my good news" of the day!
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Congrats @patrickballeux! This is great!!! I don't read French... but I can guess it is tech gift ideas for the holidays?
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Yes, @TechAtHeart. It's quite fun to write less technical stuff. That's why I took the offer
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Wow, congratulations, @patrickballeux! Maybe you could list your gift ideas in English in the text of the card? I'd love to see them - and I'm sure others would appreciate the recommendations, too!
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