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My friend said abec 11 blu powerballs are the funnest and some dood on this phun app said abec 11 thane, sector 9 marshmallows or abec 11 noskoolz id like to debate which kind of wheels I should get and how I can improve my sliding. any suggestions?
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you've already asked this question before. abec 11 freerides, polka dots, flashbacks or no skoolz are all viable options, just stay within the 78a-81a range
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@jlukasik I know I have but I've also gotten a idea from my friend and he's a pro and I'm not trying to undermind u however what's ur opinion on the powerballs is all I'm really asking
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they're big, but other than that, they're dope, the exact same thane as pink polkadots, can't go wrong. who does your friend ride for if you don't mind me asking?
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He's not sponsored but he really should be because the shit he does I shit u not is out of this world
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