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Today was cleaning day for me. The first board is my old Kryptonics board I gave my best friend Number 2 is my Coffin Board that I also gave to my best friend it jumps between Gulwing Mission 1 and Gulwing Sidewinders (it feels really weird to ride with that on) with Mini Hawgs and Bones reds Number 3 is Sector 9 (no clue what board if you know tell me it would be greatly appreciated) Caliber 1 trucks, 71mm 9 Balls with Bones reds Number 3 is my first board and I don't know the brand of the board or trucks but it has 69mm Sector 9 Wheels with old Bones reds The final board is my Rayne Demonseed with Caliber 2 trucks 75mm Orangatang wheels with pre lubed bearings
exactly. when I cleaned mine today it was the first time I cleaned them for about a year (I know its horrible) and it took forever to get all the stuff clean. And then I realized I didn't have lube for the bearings, so I used some motor oil, and boy, it works like a charm haha
Long ass time though but it's all worth it cause now I get to go dirty em back up
yep, cleaning them is always fun
Yeah I heard that but I want to try motor oil just to see
they say motor oil is to thick though, to use a thinner oil
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