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First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless debate whether Philadelphia Eagles' QB Mark Sanchez, who went 332 yards and two touchdowns in a win against the Carolina Panthers can keep this up.
@tayski2020 I thought they tried to get something for him but no one was willing to take him because of the rumors swirling around? The Eagles Packers game will definitely be a good one
@EightyNine Yes I am Def. I Philly Fan.
I thing Sanchez has a chance to Redeem himself with Philly. That game was greatttttt!!
@EightyNine I am pretty excited about how we are doing thus far. The Packers game coming up scares me a Lil but I believe it will be a decent game. I have no idea what Chip Kelly and them are thinking. I am still very confused why we let DeSean Jax go and we got nothing for him. I know dude is cocky and all but we could have got something for him.
@tayski2020 you must be excited with the year they're having. You think they'll trade up next year to get mariota?
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